Frequently asked questions about slegs

What are the requirements for slegs?
  • The skill to -at least 1x in life- approach yourself and your body without prejudice.
  • A healthy judgment of what you need for you and your life.
  • The wisdom & the healthy egoism to learn from the mistakes that others made and to benefit from them.
  • Personal responsibility
  • A onetime payment of $49,90 or just $39,90 after redeeming our $10 special voucher.


In short: What has slegs to offer?

slegs will provide you with the necessary, missing basic knowledge for your everyday life and experience.

  • This knowledge will offer you the direct way to your body and your authentic self-confidence.
  • You have to want that.
  • All the rest will follow automatically.



What is slegs precisely about?

In short: How can you easily and quickly achieve to live in harmony with your own nature? With yourself?
Above all, with your body. At first, the body has to accomplish its natural state in which he can find back his own balance!

Only then a sustainable regeneration, a sustainable weight loss as well as internal & external, natural beauty can begin! Effortlessly! Without constraint! This is the way of slegs. Here slegs sets the point.


Is slegs suitable for every person in every age?

Yes. Because slegs works exclusively with mother nature.
You should simply want to be happy & healthy. That is always the best intention!


Is the information of slegs scientifically proven?

Yes, clearly! And apparently not.

To those who want to know it more precisely:
Clearly yes. What slegs reveals is proven. Some of it has even been proven in the 1960s several times and has been consistently proven to date. Unfortunately, we only learn these crucial things after extensive research or when we are mortally ill and have found the right doctor. slegs informs you about every day, essential, crucial things that also affect and restrict you on a daily basis. Information that we should know! If someone had explained it to me this way - my life would have been totally different! Better, more beautiful, easier, more powerful! And above all happier and healthier!

And apparently not. Because for some, live very well from our knowledge gap and ensure that it remains so. At all costs. This need not be. The facts are on the table!

This is your chance. You have found this site. slegs directly leads inwards to your internal key. You are still your best doctor. You are still your best scientist. And your body is the best nutritionist on this earth!

Your body is the best scientist! slegs enlightens you about everyday, essential crucial things that you also daily concern and restrict. That´s the information that we should all receive from childhood. Our survival does not always depend from getting, but our quality of life - quite decisively!


Is slegs a diet / a diet plan?

No. Heaven forbid! Almost every diet will sooner or later be revised and/or be forgotten. The slegs-concept works exclusively with the natural body concept. Therefore: For the body - and thus for you.

Almost every diet on the market is a fast compulsion against the body. Haste and compulsion are absolutely no good intentions when dealing with your body. We do it quite differently. With slegs you will learn to understand that you can in no way force your body to lose weight. As it is nowadays done in most cases, it can in no way sustainably function. There are always consequences - with which you then have to deal by yourself. Even if you do not feel pain and if you feel normal. Hammer methods against your own nature are taboo in nature! This plan never works out. Once you start to internalize necessary information, this unnatural behavior will stop.


Is slegs suitable for daily use?

Yes, of course.

But it depends on how natural (rushed) your lifestyle is and how it should be.

Genuine understanding for you & your body is about more than nutrition. For genuine understanding and comprehending also attention and normal, natural periods of rest are needed. It is as it is!

Our point of view decides everything in our life. Because of this the own nature is avoided by people. Even if it makes everything more difficult in the end. We often accept that. Everyone acts precisely where he stands.

The slegs HAPPY BODY Concept definitely brings every body to breathe and smile. This is what it is about. This should be important to you. This is the key. slegs made it its mission to give your body the necessary voice and thus to make its life easier. So that it can be happy. Without a genuine happy body everyone of us will fight for luck forever instead of just being happy. Do you understand? That is the difference that decides everything, that determines the quality of our lives fundamentally and changes everything. No matter how it fits into our everyday life. It is as it is - this will remain the key. To put the cart before the horse is way too exhausting, too dangerous and absolutely unnecessary. Why bother?


Is slegs one of the lifestyle sites with diet and counseling tips?

No. In a way it, however, seems this way.

slegs offers no traditional, useful practical tips. slegs cares for the whole thing.

You get access to the whole unique slegs HAPPY BODY Concept that captures all aspects and automatically combines everything to an intact, harmonious whole. Of course including the nutrition of your body. Because what are you without it?

slegs has a clear central theme. Those who internalize the information, will recognize that there is only one tip. Only one key. Just one way to where we all want to be. With the help of decisive parts everything will come full circle ...the rest will follow automatically.


How many people have already tested slegs? And who does it help?

Strictly speaking, millions. Because slegs has never reinvented the wheel.
slegs only cares for everything to run smoothly and also to stay smooth.

The slegs information is lived by completely different people, in completely different situations. It always functions.

Why do slimming and be happy with the body feel so far away and blocked?

That is exactly what this is about! This question is completely answered by slegs ALL-IN-ONE for you.

And until now almost no one was ready for the answer...

Why start with the body when one is searching for luck? Is this putting the cart before the horse?

That is what I also always thought. What a tragic mistake! This point of view has almost cost me my life. Your body-awareness decides about your life quality. Provided, you want to be a healthy, self-confident, charismatic and glowing person. Inherently, it should be this way. But that is left to oneself.

Without the genuine body-awareness you will in any case always lack the decisive base for that "CERTAIN SOMETHING" in your life.

Therefore, the crucial question is: Real existing or just pretending? Whether your answer is halfheartedly or wholeheartedly, decides how and if you will handle yourself.



Will there be any other costs or customer loyalty etc.?

No. Wherefore? On the contrary! slegs is and will always be nonobligatory, independent and voluntary.
There will not be customer loyality, subsequent charges or other obligations in any way! 

Does slegs set rules?

Not a single one! There are no rules, no counting calories, no exercise plan etc.

slegs only leads you to the rules of your body. And you will only accomplish this if you concede body-awareness to your body.

If you, however, want everything to stay as it is, slegs makes only little to no sense for you.

The only rule that there is to follow is therefore the rule of your body!

In any case, you should concede this chance to yourself for a period of 30 days in order to experience a difference as well as your genuine power. Your body informs you permanently about its rules, its actual need for real food, exercise, fresh air, sleep and energy balance. And it has its own schedule! Once you have understood your body and live hand in hand with it, you are going to be able to be a glowing, self-confident, healthy, completely successful person - just like that! And everyone will notice it.

The slegs-HAPPY-BODY-concept tenderly lays your hand into the hand of your body!


But who prevents the body from achieving balance?

It is us! Because of pure lack of true education. And that is why we make many mistakes that we are just as little aware of as of our absolute responsibility for our bodies. Unfortunately, fact is: We are hardly ever not in balance with it. Here we have come to a very unhappy and sad full circle - that should be happy & simple. You instinctively know and feel that.


Is it possible to lose some unnecessary pounds?

Yes, of course!

Exactly. These pounds are not necessary. Everybody loses these unnecessary pounds with the slegs-HAPPY-BODY-concept. The body will go back into its natural shape - the whole body. Even the shape of the back changes with some people. This goes very quickly.

In some cases it is possible that the body will have the opportunity to assume its natural shape for the first time.


Will my skin get soft and tight again? And will it stay like this?

Yes. That as well. You will completely change to the positive. Maybe this is a state of which you have dreamt of and which you can imagine - but which you have never actually experienced.

You will take the shortest way to get there - if you just put one foot in front of the other. They are your legs. But you have to go by yourself. Nobody can take this load off you. The slegs-HAPPY-BODY-journey is a very interesting, short, informative and very relieving journey - and it will become your own beautiful HAPPY-BODY-journey, ...which will go on forever - as long as you want. Whether it remains that way is up to you - and that is also linked to you natural power.


What do I have to do?

Make a decision for yourself.

The best intention in life is always: to assume your own power and to do everything so that your own body can perform its natural functions. This is the recipe for real happiness. slegs shows you how it is done by simplest means.


Does my luck and my psychic state actually depend on my body?

Yes, of course - 100%!

Say: Can you be happy if someone beats your head with a hammer multiple times every day?

And yes of course! ...Also the permanent fight for happiness is a physical symptom! This is also something essential that has never been clear to you, right!? Well, that is how all perceived misfortune starts! Inside and when internalizing. Unfortunately, it stands and falls with necessary information.

Physical symptoms - even if it is "just" the fight for our happiness - are clear, understandable words of your body which desperately tries to keep everything well-balanced that has gotten out of balance. You just seldom know that they are the words of your body.

slegs helps you to perceive its words clearly and distinctly in the future and brings you together. Hand in hand. Once the ignorance towards it vanishes, many people notice that suddenly a whole range of symptoms vanish. After all, you also immediately calm down when someone seriously listens to you. Right?

Therefore, the crucial question is, whether we hear and accept its words. And do not worry, this language "only" consists of a few words. But they decide about your whole quality of life - and thus about your journey through life. Especially nowadays, where we believe that everything is totally advanced, civilized and safe. So, will you just listen or continue to fight against it in the future?


The type of products

slegs is the fastest, simple, motivating, helpful support to help themselves in written, digital form.
slegs simply passes informations and personal experiences on without commitment.
It was created to help people and to inform them about possible functioning options.
The whole concept serves the autonomous self-development in a form of cheap quick-coaching that is suitable for daily use.

If your intention for yourself is true, then all slegs deals are suitable for you - in every phase of life. You'll see...

slegs offers these products:
slegs currently offers the following products:

1. slegs ALL-IN-ONE - the complete HAPPY BODY CONCEPT - with personal login - for only $49,90 / $39,90
2. slegs 3-in-1 HAPPY DEAL - two eBooks + Recipes - with personal login - upgradeable - for only 9,90 $
3. slegs happy eat box - with personal login to all HAPPY BODY RECIPES- upgradeable - for only 5,90 $

These are digital products with personal online access.

If your intention for yourself is correct, all slegs offers are suitable for you - in every stage of life.


Is it going to be worth for everyone?


For what do I have to prepare myself? What can I expect?

You can expect yourself! Already from the beginning on!

Primarily, you will recognize that you cannot make experiences without your body.
Secondly: What we do to our body on a daily basis,
and thirdly: that you cannot be authentically happy, free and balanced without its genuine luck and its freedom to do what it is capable of.

It is our basic need to do what we are capable of in life. In that respect we are all the same!
Well, has the first switch already been flipped?

Being happy, free, balanced and feeling understood is the natural, healthy state of mind. Only in this state the regeneration begins. With a gasp of relief! You can easily achieve this state. You can easily achieve this state. Do you understand? It works! Without effort. Without years of therapy because we do not have as many loose screws as we often like to think!

It works without fighting, trouble and renunciation. For your own sake and respect for yourself. Think about it. Because without physical health your life is a fight - and eventually a unnecessarily lost one. Rather lose some pounds instead.

And no matter what you pay for it - all of these are no great costs. A pair of jeans is more expensive. It is a onetime, unique investment in your health, your motivation and in the end in your whole life quality. But still, you have to make good for what you should have known already for a long time.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. The money-back guarantee of 100% of the purchase price is only granted if the customer can absolutely not benefit from it for himself and his life after payment, after working through the informative material and after a consistent testing phase. But that has never happened before.

The money-back guarantee only takes effect after 50 days after receiving the VIP access. In no case does the money-back guarantee take effect after comparing the concept to other concepts or arguments, etc. However, the thought of goodwill does always apply in our service. If you, however, are aiming at getting your money back from the beginning on, then please leave it alone.


What if I am genuinely lacking these $49.90 / $39.90?

There you will find a $10 newsletter coupon. Then it will only be $39.90.
Maybe that will already help you a little bit.

No? Then simply write us an email.

It is totally okay to talk to us about it and to ask. Everyone that is honest to himself and his body is warmly welcome to slegs.


But please keep your money if...


  • If you are adamantly convinced that everything will remain the same.
  • If you adamantly are on the halfhearted search for quick solutions.
  • If you only absolutely aim at quick success without a sustainable body-awareness.
  • If you profoundly and solely are searching because you want to hide behind something „new“ outside from yourself.
  • If you absolutely want to lay the responsibility for your living conditions at the door of somebody else.
  • If you are profoundly convinced that you will never be worthy of luck and if you do everything to prove your misfortune whenever possible.
  • If you are not serious to yourself.

...when there is so much hard rock in you, please keep your money for now - or start thinking newly and differently!

* And last, but not least: In any case, keep your money and your comments if you belong to those that are looking for good things on the internet in order to get rid of their hatred. It would also help yourself - but with this intention go on for now. Nobody needs and wants your shitstorm and your incompetent opinion. And nobody wants your money. (Too bad that one has to mention that nowadays.)


Is slegs also suitable for people with gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, food allergy, other allergies and for people with skin problems? When is the slegs HAPPY BODY Concept particularly suitable? (with check-list)

YES! slegs is especially suitable for people with food intolerances & allergies:
gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, casein intolerance, histamine intolerance, cereal intolerance, milk intolerance, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome.

As with: inactivity of digestion, diarrhea, intestinal disease, enteritis, inflammation of the small intestine, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, bloating, ...etc.

As well as with: Chronic fatigue - CFS, clouded senses/ brain fog, concentration disorders, forgetfulness, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, nightmares, vision defect, migraine, muscle pain, hay fever, permanent cold, acne, eczema, itching, ADHS with children, restlessness, nervousness, shortness of breath, cardiac arrhythmia, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep,...etc.

As well as with: chronic symptoms, chronic diseases e.g.: bronchitis, asthma, neurodermatitis, Crohn's disease, migraine, autoimmune disorders, diabetes,...etc.

Here you find the LIST OF SYMPTOMS, with which the slegs ALL-IN-ONE can make especially immediate help, relief & understanding in harmony with the nature of the body possible:


Especially with this burdens slegs ALL-IN-ONE is worth it for you!
It offers everything to finally really understand these symptoms as well as to find the solutions, convenient views and appropriate ways for body & mind. Moreover, you will learn eating & cooking in a way that your body can become happy & sustainably stay happy - with pure pleasure & with fun.

What to do in case of a diagnosis of irritable colon, gluten intolerance and histamine intolerance?
Especially with irritable colon, gluten intolerance, casein intolerance/ cow's milk intolerance and histamine intolerance, brain fog, leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, ADHD, chronic insomnia, lack of concentration, decreased concentration, hypernatremia symptoms, inner nervousness, migraine headaches, nightmares, eating less but gaining weight...

...slegs is your first saving support, purposeful help & regenerating measure.

*** The base of slegs recipes are 100% gluten free,  lactose free, casein free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, sugar free, egg free, nuts free, yeast free, mushroom free, cereal free, animal free (vegan), low carb, low in histamine, low in fructose***

According to individual tolerability one or the other can be omitted or added.
... and yet one does not have to renounce indulgence - on the contrary!

With slegs you will enjoy without counting calories, without the need for fitness and without regrets - but with fun & a happy body that tosses the symptoms and the unnecessary pounds overboard by itself! slegs is a relief on all levels.
slegs always starts from where you are!


Gift vouchers / gift cards, coupon and campaign vouchers
  • Gift cards are valid for 3 years once payment has been received in full and will keep the respective $-value of the order/total price until encashment.
  • Every gift card depends on its value – this means that for example: a gift card for the slegs happy eat box with the value of $5.90 can be used on all slegs-Products. So the presentee doesn't have to decide for one certain product of the respective gift card. An eventual residual value/difference will be saved indefinitely on the gift card and can be used on at a later time. A payout of differences is not possible.
  • The value of a gift card can only be paid out if the slegs-money-back-guarantee is used. This always underlies the goodwill of slegs.
  • Cleared campaign vouchers will be deducted in case of a refund.
  • A campaign voucher can possibly not be used on all products. In every case the order value must not undercut the value of the campaign voucher.
  • Every voucher code can only be used once.
  • For these reasons a customer account must be created before every order which has to be verified via email.
    This process only takes 1-2 Minutes.
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